Levi’s Manages to Produce Cotton Tissue from Hemp

Although there are many debates about cannabis, the usage areas of this plant are not limited to recreational substances. Levi’s is among the companies that aim to benefit from the benefits of hemp.

In December of last year, the use of cannabis was legalized in the USA. Since then, there has been an explosion in hemp-based products. According to the data, a $13 billion hemp industry will emerge by 2026. Clothing giant Levi Strauss & Co. will not be left behind to work in this field.


In March, the company introduced a new fabric composition. The fabrics used in the products released under the Outerknown brand are produced from 69% cotton and 31% hemp. This development is very important for the world and the textile industry. Hemp consumes much less water than cotton and needs far fewer chemicals. The feel of the clothes is the same, there is no difference in texture. The only problem here is that hemp is more difficult to process than cotton.

When it comes to cotton, the structures in the part that we can call the fruit of the plant are collected. In hemp, on the other hand, the long, hard stem part is used.

Levi’s global product development manager Paul Dillinger said they discovered a method of blending hemp with cotton, thanks to their method. This method uses less water than other methods used to turn hemp into raw materials.

Saying that this new fabric is the result of years of research, Dillinger explains their purpose as equalizing the cotton/hemp ratio. According to him, in the next five years there will be fabrics made from hemp but with the same feel as cotton.


Dillinger says these efforts are important for Levi’s to be prepared for the future. For example, while access to clean water and water resources are decreasing, the world’s need for cotton is increasing. It is necessary to produce alternatives to such situations.

Although Levi’s did not disclose its partners in the research, it stated that they developed marketable products in three years. Dillinger said that the company will not have any difficulty in marketing these products, and that the customer’s feeling is still the same.

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