LG Introduces Its Own Artificial Intelligence Chip

South Korean technology giant LG introduced its own artificial intelligence chip it has developed for smart home products. This artificial intelligence chip, introduced according to LG’s statement, has its own neural engine that will increase the deep learning speeds of future LG smart home products. Among the smart home products LG is talking about are robot vacuums, washing machines, refrigerators and air conditioners.


One of the most important features of the artificial intelligence chip is that it does not need any internet connection since it has the processing feature on the device. More importantly, there is also a security unit inside the chip, which has a completely separate hardware to securely store personal data. In addition, the artificial intelligence chip combines visual and audio data to better recognize objects, location, environment and people.

With this move, LG joins companies such as Facebook, Amazon and Apple in developing artificial intelligence and machine learning chips. LG’s difference is that its chip is customized for use in smart home products. The company’s home products division achieved the highest level of both sales and profit with the amount of sales it achieved last quarter.

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