Lightning Hit the Same Place 11 Times in 8 Seconds (Video)

They also say that lightning does not strike the same place twice. It seems that lightning likes to strike again where it fell once.

In a video shot in the US state of Texas, lightning strikes a spot 11 times in a row in a storm passing near Houston. (Like the War of the Worlds. If such a thing happens, we can achieve victory immediately with the defense line we will form from the people with the flu.)


In the captions at the top of the video, KHOU reporter Brett Buffington, who recorded the footage, said, “THE SAME LIGHTNING HAS FLASHED 11 TIMES! It’s a stormy night in Houston. Watch lightning strike the same place over and over for a few seconds. That was part of the storm that swept over the towns of Fort Bend and Waller.” he wrote.

While one user said that a lightning strike was bad, and that he could not imagine the effect of being struck 11 times in a row, another user congratulated the timing, “How do you take photos like this? There is nothing cooler than stray cats in my backyard.” said.

In the statements made, it was announced that there were no deaths or injuries in the lightning strike.

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