Lightning Hits Soyuz Rocket Carrying Satellite (Video)

Soyuz rockets, which Russia uses to send vehicles into space, have been in the news frequently lately. The vehicle, which is also used to access the International Space Station, was recently launched from Russia’s Plesetsk Space Base with the Glosnass-M navigation satellite.

Immediately after the launch, the vehicle was struck by lightning in mid-air. “The Soyuz-2.1b rocket carrying the Glonass-M navigation satellite was successfully launched from Plesetsk Space Base today at 09:23 local time,” the authorities said. Later, it was stated that the rocket was struck by lightning, the rocket was not damaged in this incident and successfully proceeded to its target.


Engineers who make such vehicles anticipate possible problems that may occur during the exit from the atmosphere and act accordingly. A coating was probably made to protect this rocket from possible lightning strikes and excessive friction in the atmosphere.

Soyuz rockets will continue to be used for Russian space studies and the transport of cosmonauts in the coming period.

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