Lilium’s Full-Size Electric Jet Takes Off for the First Time

Electric vehicles are one of the most popular areas of recent years. Although electric car studies are on the agenda more frequently, quite different and interesting studies are carried out in the field of aviation. Among these works, there are also different, science fiction-like vehicles such as electric small airplanes and autonomous vehicles that can fly.

Lilium is one of the companies that has been working in this field since 2016 and is working on producing a five-seater, vertically ventilated electric vehicle. The firm has left a significant step behind in its work and has succeeded in producing a working, full-size prototype of the Lilium Jet for the first time.


The Germany-based firm aimed to find a clean and quiet solution to urban transportation as an initiative born in the European Space Agency’s incubation program. Of course, there is no single solution to this problem, but Lilium’s approach is quite remarkable. A flying taxi that can be called by phone can play an important role in the solution.

The vehicle will land in areas to be established in cities and certain regions. Thus, passengers will be away from the city traffic while reaching the point they want to reach. In addition, the fact that it will not emit carbon will be among the benefits of the vehicle. With these jets, travel times will also be shortened considerably. For example, this vehicle will be able to cover a road that can be traveled in 55 minutes by car in just 5 minutes.

The vehicle, which has a trackable landing device, special control mechanism and 36 electric jet engines, performs vertical take-off by directing the airflow in designated areas. The maximum distance that the vehicle can currently fly on a single charge is 300 kilometers. The maximum speed of the vehicle is also stated as 300 kilometers.

In its promotion in 2017, the company managed to get an investment of 90 million dollars by appearing in front of the investors with a two-seater vehicle capable of transitioning from vertical to horizontal movement in the air. With its latest presentation, the company showed that the vehicle is almost ready.


Lilium believes that by 2025, flying taxis will become commonplace in cities. There is a civil aviation obstacle in front of the company, which predicts that flying taxis will be able to use the same prices as normal taxis in the future. It is a matter of curiosity whether the aviation agency will allow the company or how it will regulate flying taxis.

You can watch the full-size Lilium take off in the video below.

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