Local Pricing Arrives on Paid Telegram

It is one of the most popular instant messaging platforms in the world and has increased its popularity in recent years. Telegram has introduced the paid subscription system in the past weeks. The price of Telegram Premium, which offers many new features such as high-speed downloads, improvements in file uploading, all of which you can access here, has also been announced.

In the statements made, it was stated that the highly anticipated feature of the application would have different prices for Android and iOS in our country. This showed that Telegram Premium had a price of 93.99 for Android and 94.99 for iOS. Now, there have been some new developments in this regard.

It was seen that Telegram Premium was sold for 13.49 TL in some users.


According to the news, Telegram Premium, which is normally quite high in price, can be purchased at different prices for some users. When the screenshots are examined, it is seen that the paid subscription, which is normally 94 TL, to 13.49 It appears to be available for purchase. This reveals that local pricing on the service may be implemented soon.

Although there is no statement on the subject for now, 13.49 TLthe platform in general with the price of In PC application It is worth mentioning that there is. In addition, some users state that the price difference is also seen on mobile. Well, have you encountered such a difference in Telegram? You can share it in the comments.

How to become a Telegram Premium subscriber?

Step #1:Open the Telegram mobile app.

Step #2:Tap the menu in the top left.

Step #3:Tap on the Settings option.

Step #4:Tap on the “Telegram Premium” option.

Step #5:Tap “Subscribe”.

Step #6:Approve Google Play Store or App Store.

In PC Application;

Step #1:Open the Telegram app.

Step #2:Open the left menu.

Step #3:Click on the “Telegram Premium” option.

Step #4:Click on the ‘subscribe’ option at the bottom.

Step #5:Then click on the payment option on the screen that opens via a bot and purchase the service by choosing the payment method.

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