Logo Cyber ​​Security developed Turkey’s first SASE solution

While companies maintain remote or hybrid working models in the post-pandemic period, it has been determined that business processes that are rapidly moved to the cloud environment increase cyber security risks. A study conducted by Forrester showed that 74% of companies associate their recent cyberattacks with security vulnerabilities that come from working remotely. While SASE, which provides the opportunity to manage these security risks from a single platform and is predicted to be the solution of the future in this field, came to the fore, Turkey’s first SASE platform was introduced.

Remote or hybrid working models have also become established in the post-pandemic period, with aspects such as reducing office costs and improving employee experience. While many companies are rapidly moving their business processes to the cloud and digital, a study conducted by Forrester revealed that working remotely increases cybersecurity risks. According to the report, 74% of companies recently attributed cyberattacks affecting their business processes to security vulnerabilities created by working remotely. 8 out of 10 companies said their companies have become more vulnerable to cyber risks as a result of working remotely.

Evaluating the developments on the subject, Logo Cyber ​​Security General Manager Hakan Hintoğlu said, “Factors such as using the internet connections of the employees and their own devices while accessing business applications, and accessing the applications in the cloud from anywhere, not only from within the company network, increase the attack surface and increase the cyber security risks. SASE architecture stands out as a suitable solution for businesses seeking comprehensive protection against these risks. As a company that offers domestic and new generation cyber security solutions, we introduced Turkey’s first SASE platform, Berqnet SASE, with the launch we held recently.”

3 out of 5 organizations will adopt the SASE solution

Emphasizing that SASE platforms offer a holistic and scalable solution especially for multi-branch or remote companies to manage their distributed networks, Hakan Hintoğlu said, “Secure internet access, which offers security services such as firewall, web filter, IPS, to manage cloud business processes safely, is based on the assumption that every device is unreliable. various components are needed, such as zero trust approach (ZTNA), SD-WAN, which enables branches to be securely and flexibly connected to each other. Berqnet SASE offers all of these components on a single platform. In this way, network management and security features are combined in a single platform. Thanks to the scalable structure, all branches and employees can benefit from the platform with the same performance, while security policies become more consistent for all branches and users. SASE, which simplifies management and reduces risks and costs, names a new approach in security technologies. Gartner estimates that by 2025, 3 out of 5 organizations will have strategies for SASE solution adoption. Berqnet SASE, on the other hand, has the distinction of being Turkey’s first and only SASE solution.

Manufacturing and finance lead cyber risks

Reminding that according to the SOCRadar 2021 Turkey Threat Report, manufacturing and finance are among the sectors most affected by ransomware attacks in Turkey, and that public institutions are also exposed to advanced persistent threat (APT) cyber attacks, Logo Cyber ​​Security General Manager Hakan Hintoğlu said: He ended with the words: “Companies that completely digitize their business processes and use cloud systems do not hesitate to make cyber security investments in order to safely switch to remote or hybrid working models. Gartner data predicts that global information security and risk management spending will reach $172 billion this year. Among these expenditures, SASE stands out as a less costly, innovative solution to manage network security from a single point. As Berqnet, we are breaking new ground in Turkey with our artificial intelligence supported SASE solution. We offer end-to-end solutions for companies of all sizes to safely digitize their businesses.”

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