Losing Weight Increases Sperm Quality and Count

Today, due to various reasons, while the quality of sperm continues to decrease in men, obesity continues to increase at the same time. Scientists from the University of Copenhagen, on the other hand, brought together these two negative situations and be able to offer solutions to both at the same timedid a research.

Research by scientists revealed that men can improve their sperm quality by losing weight and continuing to maintain an ideal weight. The result has been proven in clinical studies in which men participated. Ages 18 to 65 to participate in the study a total of 56 obese menjoined.

Sperm count doubled in one year:


In the study, which included men with a body mass index of 32 and 43, men, He lost an average of 16.5 kilograms of weight.As a result, weight loss eight weeks latersperm concentration 50%If the sperm count 40% rate was increased. At the end of 52 weeks, it was observed that the increased sperm quality continued in men who kept the weight they lost. Sperm count at the end of 52 weeks fully doubledoutput.

The relationship between sperm quality and obesity has actually been demonstrated by other studies in the past. However, it was also stated that weight loss improves sperm quality. But the missing point of the research is small number of participants , as well as the fact that the weight lost remained at a very low level. So the latest research has brought a much clearer conclusion to this issue.

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