Lost Ark and The Witcher Collaboration Announced

Lost Ark’s developer, Smilegate, made important statements during the LOA On Summer conference. Announcing the collaboration of Lost Ark, one of the popular MMORPG games of recent times, with The Witcher, the developer company announced that the aforementioned additional package will be included in the game this winter.

For now, no details about this collaboration have been shared. However, in some statements to IGN, a CD Projekt RED official stated that they are working with Smilegate RPG to bring the most authentic Witcher experience to Lost Ark, and they expect the collaboration to be added to Lost Ark this winter.

It is expected that detailed information about this cooperation, about which we know nothing yet, will be shared in the coming days. However, it is thought that with the additional package to be released after this collaboration, a brand new class inspired by the Witcher will be added to Lost Ark. In another report published at the same time, it is claimed that a quest series inspired by The Witcher 3 will also be included in the game.

Lost Ark was a huge success upon its release in South Korea, and later became available in Russia and Japan. It was announced that the production, which attracted attention with its rapid rise, reached 20 million players worldwide in March last year. It was stated that more than 10 million of these players are located in North America, Europe, South America and Australia.

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