Lucifer Season 4 Trailer Released

The trailer for the 4th season of the series Lucifer, which has been increasing its success since the first day it started in 2016, has been released. The series first started broadcasting on Fox, then continued on its way with Netflix.


If we talk about the subject of the series; Lucifer, which means the devil in the Christian belief, got bored of hell and decided to descend to the world. Coming to Los Angeles, Lucifer wants to open a bar here and live a mortal life. But God will not leave Lucifer alone. Tom Ellis, the leading actor of the series, is admired by the audience with his charisma and acting ability. Lucifer is a fantasy detective, comedy and drama series. Although the series was criticized by some during its broadcast, it increases its success every season.

Here is the fourth season trailer of Lucifer with Turkish subtitles:

The 4th season of the series, which has 3 seasons on Netflix, will be broadcast again on Netflix on 8 May. Those who haven’t watched the show still have plenty of time to catch up before the fourth season airs.

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