Lyft Adds Passenger ‘Emergency Button’ to Its Vehicles

Uber, which also serves in our country and is bullied by some taxi drivers from time to time, has placed the ‘Emergency Button’ in its vehicles, which can be used by passengers, in order to keep passenger safety at the highest level. Now, Uber’s biggest rival, Lyft, is integrating the button that provides the same functionality into its vehicles.


Lyft, which added the ‘Emergency Button’ to its special application for its drivers so that drivers can use it in emergencies last Fall, did not take a step towards passengers. Passengers experiencing problems had to call either 911 or Lyft’s 24/7 hotline using their own phones.


In addition, Lyft, which has improved itself, now shows the driver’s license plates that appear in the mobile application and come to pick up the passenger, in a larger and more understandable way. At the same time, with the mandatory feedback system introduced for users who have finished driving, the efficiency of the customer’s journey is measured, and what needs to be done by the driver or the company is determined accordingly.

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