Made-up Words That Have No Place in Turkish

Turkish is a very rich language with the influence of its interactions with different languages ​​and its thousands of years of history. However, in the modern world, they can discover and develop something new every day, naturally they Turkish equivalentneeds.

For example, when the ‘selfie’ trend first exploded, TDK took action after a while, and this word was ‘ selfie ‘ was determined. Or, recently, there has been a synonym for the word NFT; qualified intellectual property . However, there are some words that are thought to be added to the dictionary by TDK, which are just a legend of martyrdom. We have compiled the funniest and most popular of them.

Made-up words that are thought to have been added to the dictionary by TDK but have no place in Turkish



When we search the TDK dictionary, ‘ There are no results for ‘settled takeaway’ . There is nothing about this expression in the definition of the word car.

Multi-seat transporter/bus


One of the most popular on this list, the ‘multi-seat ejector’, is also It is not in TDK’s dictionary.There is no place for this expression in the definition of the word bus.

sky housing/airplane


When we take a look at the word airplane from TDK, one of the ones given as ‘airplane’ airplane ‘. However, there is not the slightest evidence of the existence of such a word as celestial residence…



The word brake is one of the French words that are abundant in our language. But to translate ‘ information that a word such as ‘stopper’ is produced definitely not true. TDK also has no data on this expression.



Among the words in the list, the most ‘ eh maybe it could’ it was ‘difficult’ in my opinion. While it’s fun to say, TDK has no information on this statement.

Multi-string instrument/guitar


Well, what about other multi-stringed ‘hammers’, for example? Of course, the internet’s abysmal pit of knowledge, and beyond this list, traces the phrase “multi-stringed tumbler”. The picture is nowhere to be found.



Zil refers to TDK both in the first sense we know and in slang ‘ free entered as ‘. However, zander is not in TDK’s dictionary.

figure shooter/camera


I didn’t know what to say to this, bad fabrication . Of course it’s not real.

Social grazing/restaurant


Although it is used extensively as a restaurant, another word with Italian origins like ‘restaurant’This word, which is also expressed with , was never referred to as ‘social grazing’.



I wasn’t sure if the word “Öttürgeç” would actually meet the flute if it were in the dictionary. This word is not found in the dictionary of TDK.

BONUS: Bottom push top smoke multi-seat fetcher/train (The first person to rock this rocked it so well, congratulations.)


The funniest and most interesting of the ‘words derived by TDK’ legends most revealing the color of the work I guess this is it. We congratulate the person who made this up and end our list.

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