Massive Ancient Buildings Built with Simple Engineering

Structures created with huge pieces of rock made by ancient civilizations still cause confusion. But MIT (Massachussetts Institute of Technology) researchers think ancient engineers were masters of balance. In fact, a recent experiment to prove this has also shown that concrete structures, some of which weigh up to 25 tons, can be manually maneuvered.

In the experiment carried out, Asst. Assoc. Matter Design, founded by Brandon Clifford, worked together with CEMEX, which creates massive solid concrete columns. Although they weigh tons and are durable enough to survive hundreds of years, the shapes and construction of these concrete blocks allow them to be easily moved by just one person.

Several different design approaches were also used in these rocks. Each of these massive blocks had beveled, rounded edges, looped dots, and interlocking features. Of course, these rocks were much heavier than a human could lift, but they were swayable, movable, and even tumbling from one location to another.

So yes, huge monolithic pillars like Moai structures, Stonehenge were moved to their locations by simple engineering calculations by people living at that time.

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