Matrak NFT Games has set its eyes on the world game market of 180 billion dollars

Matrak NFT Games, as a local startup, was born in Turkey and aims to make an impact in the world. By adopting the “Earn-You Play” business model, Matrak Games aims to make people money through games and teach the crypto world while having fun.

“Win-As-Play” with NFTs

NFTs (Unique tokens) are unique and inimitable digital objects that leverage blockchain as digital certificates. The idea of ​​playing games using NFTs has been very popular for the last year, and the fact that people around the world have started to evaluate this rising idea offers a workable area to the Win-As-Play model. This model is the main business model in which players earn cash. The theoretical fiction of Matrak games adopts the principle of ‘win-lose’.

Addresses the 180 billion dollar world game market

The digital gaming market has become one of the fastest rising markets today. New efforts are emerging every day to expand and evaluate this market, Matrak Games aims to teach financial literacy to large audiences in this sector with fun games.

Matrak Token pre-sale and listing is done through the leading fan token exchange Bitçi.

The MTRK Token sale, which started on September 15, reached most of the set target within the first 24 hours. The preliminary supply, which will end on September 21, is 150 million units, and the total supply is 500 million, to be listed on the Bitçi Exchange on September 23.

Matrak Game Studio Ecosystem

Matrak Games has signed partnership agreements with 5 game studios, one of which is abroad. In addition, negotiations with 5 new studios are continuing, and a partnership with a large Far East-based game studio is planned soon. Matrak Games’ partner game studios consist of mobile and web-based game development studios specialized in casual, hyper-casual, hybrid-casual games.

Matrak NFT Games will bring digital game enthusiasts and crypto investors together

The crypto world and the effect of gamification based on blockchain technology has become a common commodity in today’s world. This development is the new trend of the world, and NFTs are attracting attention in an unpredictable way. One of the biggest and strongest markets of today, digital game market and future technology NFTs are located in Matrak Games.

Afsar Akal – CEO of Matrak NFT Games

“As Matrak Games, we are entering the global digital game market with a size of 180 billion dollars as a local blockchain-based player from Turkey. With our long-term cooperation agreement with, which is the leader in fan token offerings with its own blockchain network, one of the domestic crypto exchanges, we are a global player in the #GameFi sector that teaches financial literacy in a fun way and earns as you play, by developing digital games with fan tokens in the Bitçi ecosystem and their NFTs. We aim to be actors.”

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