MediaTek Heads to the Internet of Things with Artificial Intelligence

MediaTek, which is frequently encountered with chipsets in smartphones, has prepared its infrastructure to enter the internet of things sector. In a statement, the Chinese manufacturer announced a brand new platform called Rich IoT, as well as new partnerships that it will use to support and develop artificial intelligence.


MediaTek, the second largest company supporting voice feedback devices like Amazon’s Alexa; It powers many products such as speakers, smart televisions, soundbars, remote controls and more. In this context, with its new platform, the company has taken the first step to consolidate its position in the sector in the future.


MediaTek for artificial intelligence; It will continue to work on three main branches: voice-activated devices (speakers, smart locks, white goods), screen-transfer devices (smart thermostats, exercise equipment) and devices that see with artificial intelligence (robots, drones, security systems).


Stating that each of the new chipsets are optimized for ultra power saving mode, MediaTek did not share any details about which types of chipsets will be used in which system types. Thinking that the future will consist of artificial intelligence, we will see what more MediaTek will do in time.

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