Meet Alex, Russia’s News Reporter

While it is frequently discussed that artificial intelligence technologies surpass human power, a new move came from Russia. The newscaster robot, which was first voiced in Japan in 2014, was produced at that time, but it did not continue. Russia, on the other hand, presents news to the robot Alex, with more hard work.


It is known that a lot of work is still required for Alex, who is working on Promobot company. Alex’s face belongs to company founder Alexei Yuzhakov. The robot, which does not have much mobility at the moment, can only move the parts of its face. According to the statements made by the company, the new robot will be able to tour the studio with the new version.


The robot, which has the Android operating system, received 12 orders during the production phase. It is not known who ordered it and for what purpose it will be used. The company spent $15,000 (approximately 87,000 TL) to develop Alex, but this is not a cheap cost when Russia’s economy is considered.

Robot has presented news on different topics such as agriculture and finance on the Russian state television channel, Russia-24, but users still criticize Alex on social media. While some make fun of the wooden structure and appearance of the robot, others argue that the robot is making political propaganda. One user stated that he found the robot Alex pleasant.

According to a report announced at the World Economic Forum, it was stated that by 2025, robots will take away the jobs of around 75 million people. “Would news reporting be among those jobs?” The answer to the question is not yet known.

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