Mercedes GLE 580 Will Come With Hybrid Powered V8 Engine

German automobile giant Mercedes continues to stand out with its new generation SUV vehicles. According to the new information that has emerged, the 2020 model Mercedes GLE series SUV segment vehicles will take their places in the auto showroom at the end of this year.


Mercedes’ GLE series will consist of 3 different models for now. GLE 450, GLE 580 and AMG GLE 53. Among these three models, the GLE 580 stands out. Launched last year, the GLE 450 appeared with its 3.02-liter engine. The 362-horsepower GLE 450 was best-in-class until March. GLE 53, which appeared in March, had replaced the GLE 450 with its 429 horsepower engine.

The newly announced GLE 580 will be the most powerful in its class for now. It is known that the GLE 580, which will have 490 horsepower, will reach 100 kilometers in 4 seconds. We will meet the GLE 580, which will have a V8 engine and hybrid support, towards the end of this year. If we come to the price of Mercedes’ new SUV, the GLE 580, it is expected to be at least 80 thousand dollars (approximately 500 thousand TL).

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