Meta Doesn’t Want Its Employees To Talk About Abortion

The United States was involved in a recent decision. The U.S. Supreme Court, Rose v. known as Wade and abortion had overturned the legalizing decision. This paved the way for the elimination of American women’s constitutional right to abortion and its banning in many states.

This decision of the court, described as ‘restricting freedom’, caused people to take to the streets and start protests in the country. On the other hand, as we have shared with you, giant companies such as Netflix, Tesla, Warner Bros. abortion support He had announced that he would provide them with money and that they would be paid to go to an abortion-free state. A similar decision came from technology giant Google. Now, there have been developments on this subject in another US company Meta.

Meta doesn’t want its employees to talk about it


According to the news, Meta (formerly Facebook) is concerned about the abortion decision taken for its employees. not to argue told. In a note stated in the company’s internal communication tools, Meta said, ‘ increased risk of creating a hostile work environment’It was reported that because of this, his employees would not allow open discussion about abortion.

In addition, an employee at the company expressed his disappointment on the subject in a post on LinkedIn. In his post about the situation, a software engineer named Ambroos Vaes, “ Moderators on our Workplace platform can quickly review posts and comments that mention abortion. lifting” he said.

It should be noted that such a decision is not a first for the company. Meta updated its policies after the murder of George Floyd, which sparked protests in the country in 2020. With this change, the company has made it to its employees’ Workplace channels. political and socialprevented him from discussing the issues.

In addition, Meta made another statement on the abortion issue on Friday. The company will cover the travel expenses of its employees who will need services from other states for abortion. ‘to the extent permitted by law‘ He said he would.

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