Microsoft: “Changing Password Doesn’t Work.”

It is recommended to change user passwords once in a while on websites and business networks. Some sites force you to create a new password. It has been explained that this process, which can be frustrating, does not work at all.


Microsoft’s Aaron Margosis, in a blog post on Wednesday, says that people who are pushed to create a difficult password often write it down somewhere and others can see it. Worse still, people keep using the same password with only minor changes or they forget their password altogether.

The blog post focuses on a broader-based security system that Microsoft has established and invites companies to use computerized management software.


Microsoft does not change its recommendations for creating passwords, even though they say it is not a logical way to change passwords all the time. In fact, the tech giant advises companies to ban frequently used poor quality passwords and encourage their employees to use authenticator.

Microsoft is currently the manufacturer of the operating systems used in 80% of the computers in the world.

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