Microsoft Flight Simulator Will Support Third Party Content

Microsoftby E3 2019at the fair Flight Simulator The return of the series was heralded. Now for Flight Simulator third partyand community madeImportant statements were made about supporting the content.

Supporters are also expected to help with development in order to optimize the game, which received positive comments from the fans of the series with the promotional trailer. Of course, backers also want to learn more about the game.

simulator game PCAlthough it is designed for many platforms It will also provide support by optimizing for The game will be supported by third-party and community-created content. playground equipmentand accessoriesIt is stated that studies are continuing to be compatible with the

2020The game, which will be released in 2018 and whose development roadmap will be announced at the beginning of August, insiderto be included in the program this addressyou can visit.

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