Microsoft Is Among The $1 Trillion Companies

One of the most important milestones for the world’s big companies in recent years is to reach a value of 1 trillion dollars. To be this big, it is necessary to be a company whose products are used all over the world.


Recently, in the race to be the most valuable company with Apple and Amazon, Microsoft has made its mark among the companies whose value has reached 1 trillion dollars and has managed to become the most valuable company in the United States.

The technology giant, whose stocks increased by 4% on Wednesday, owes this increase to higher-than-expected turnover and profit. According to third-quarter figures, the company had a turnover of $30.6 billion and net income of $8.8 billion.


Thus, Microsoft became the third US company to reach the level of 1 trillion dollars according to the value of its shares in the market. Apple managed to reach this point first, but the company’s current value is around $ 976 billion. Amazon also achieved the same success 1 month after Apple. Amazon is currently valued at $935 billion.

Microsoft has not yet made a statement on this issue. It is certain that the technology giant is satisfied with its position.

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