Microsoft Made a First in the World: Artificial Intelligence Produced Whiskey

Artificial intelligence has become a ‘system’ that helps people in many aspects of their daily lives. Artificial intelligence, which helps us in almost any subject you can think of, will now prepare the perfect whiskey blend for us.

Microsoft has partnered with 20-year-old Swedish distillery Mackmyra and Finnish technology consultancy Fourkind to announce the world’s first artificially produced whiskey.


Considering how complex the production of whiskey is, the production of whiskey by artificial intelligence also means the preparation of a complex consumer product with the help of machine learning for the first time.

In a post on Microsoft’s blog, the company explained how its machine learning model created whiskey. Artificial intelligence analyzed over 70 million recipes to create different blend recipes.

So how does it taste?


While defining the whiskey produced by artificial intelligence, it was stated that besides the subtle oak notes, vanilla, citrus and pear flavors can be felt. In addition, various spices and light tobacco leaf flavors are also found in whiskey. Finally, it is stated that whiskey has a sooty characteristic.

Why was artificial intelligence used?

The purpose of using artificial intelligence is to teach the existing combinations to the machines and to reveal the combinations that have not occurred to people until this time. This method can be used not only in the whiskey industry, but also in many areas.

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