Microsoft Warns: Russia’s Cyber ​​Attacks May Increase

The state of war between Russia and Ukraine is still not officially over. As you know, many companies and even countries blame Russia for these actions. imposing an embargoand Microsoft is one of them.

According to a new statement from software giant Microsoft Russian intelligence agenciesfor countries that support Ukraine Significantly increased the frequency of cyber attacks . Let’s take a look at the details of Microsoft’s statements together.

Russian intelligence agencies leak valuable information about the war


According to Microsoft’s statement, Russian hackers no longer only operate government systems, but also think tanks, businesses, and aid groups. have valuable information about the warIt also targets other sectors.

Microsoft states that more than 100 organizations from 42 countries other than Ukraine were affected by these attacks. As more than 60% of this activity involves NATO members USARussian hackers primary goal . Russian hackers, as it is the hub for delivering most of the military and humanitarian aid Polandalso targets.

Microsoft’s cyberattacks from Russia successful in 29% and reported that a quarter of these successful attacks resulted in data being stolen from an organization’s networks. Microsoft recently announced that it was laying off hundreds of employees as it terminated its operations in Russia, and also recently removed users’ servers in the country. Windows blocked the download.

What are you thinking? Is a second Cold War era on the way? Please do not forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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