Microsoft xCloud will be able to stream up to 3,500 games

Microsoft is currently setting up the servers necessary for xCloud, but according to a statement, it has been revealed that xCloud can release more than 3,500 games even if the developers do not make any changes.

Game developers like Capcom and Paradox test their games on xCloud. “We have deployed our custom xClouds to key game development centers in North America, Asia and Europe,” said Kareem Choudhry, Microsoft’s head of cloud gaming. said.


Game developers will also be able to tune their games for streaming, adjust font sizes for smaller screens, and host multiplayer matches on a single server to avoid all lag. Microsoft is keeping quiet about the xCloud trial date, but we think the company plans to talk about xCloud at next E3.


Microsoft’s xCloud service will go head-to-head with Sony’s PlayStation Now service and Google’s upcoming Stadia cloud gaming system. Microsoft and Sony are partnering for the future of cloud gaming streaming but will still run separate services for PlayStation and Xbox.

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