Microsoft’s AIs to Protect the Environment

Artificial intelligence technologies are increasing their importance in our lives day by day. Big companies are trying to somehow add artificial intelligence to almost everything they produce. Technology giant Microsoft, of course, did not stay idle regarding artificial intelligence technologies that we may encounter in many more products in the coming years. Microsoft, which has published a statement on how artificial intelligence technologies are used to protect the environment, has revealed the benefits of artificial intelligence technology.


In the statement, which conveyed the work done by Microsoft within the scope of the AI ​​for Earth project, which was initiated for the protection of the environment and natural life, artificial intelligence technologies used by scientists to protect the environment were introduced. Here are those artificial intelligence technologies that Microsoft has created for the protection of the environment and are also used by scientists;

  • SilviaTerra Maps


Thanks to this technology, which has started to be used in America, trees can be monitored instantly. Scientists, who follow the critical information about trees, can take the necessary precautions for the trees, and in this way, efforts are made to prevent the trees from drying out.

  • FarmBeats


This technology is of particular interest to farmers. Thanks to FarmBeats, farmers get more efficiency while reducing their costs. FarmBeats technology, which measures values ​​such as weather forecasts and soil moisture, helps farmers with vital issues.

  • Distinguishing Snow Leopards From Each Other According to Their Spots


Snow leopards are on the verge of extinction. There is an organization called the Snow Leopard Trust, which was established to keep these creatures alive. Thanks to Microsoft’s artificial intelligence technologies, these creatures are photographed. Thanks to this technology, which classifies leopards separately according to the spots on their bodies, the health status of these creatures is monitored.

  • Conservation of the Chesapeake Bay


Microsoft’s artificial intelligence technologies are also used to protect the Chesapeake Bay, one of the largest bays in the United States. Thanks to this artificial intelligence technology, very detailed maps can be created and scientists can have information about the cleanliness of the bay.

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