Minister Selçuk: “We Will Become a World Leader in Artificial Intelligence Education”

Artificial intelligence, which has come to the fore among developed countries in recent years, has started to be on the agenda more frequently in our country. Making important statements at this point, Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk said that we will be the world leader in this field by carrying out studies on artificial intelligence in the next 20 years.


Stating that they continue to work on the artificial intelligence strategy, Selçuk said, “Our artificial intelligence strategy has reached the final stage. We will share it with the public soon. He is preparing experts in his field. We already have significant savings. We will open the draft text for discussion. We welcome any contribution. 2020-2040: We are thinking about the next 20 years. We will be the world leader in artificial intelligence education. With artificial intelligence, we will raise human-oriented generations for the age of artificial intelligence. We will cooperate with technology companies. We will be product and process oriented. We will open MEB offices in technoparks, and we will do R&D. We need to strengthen our connection with the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem. We will need their mentoring from time to time. Our teachers will work in our research offices in technoparks. It’s time for the MEB to open up more. We need to engage more with the technology, entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem.”


Stating that they are trying to prepare children born today for the world after 2040, Selçuk said, “The vision for 2023 is not just a history. 2023; 2053 should be read as a door opening to 2071” and stated that artificial intelligence has always been in Turkey’s future plans.

Countries, which are the determinants of real power today, do this not only with their economic and military power, but also with their data and processing power. The recent crises created by companies such as Facebook and Google are also considered as a great indicator of this. At this point, Ministry of National Education President Ziya Selçuk stated that they are examining the artificial intelligence strategies of nearly 50 countries and said, “Artificial intelligence has become a new competitive field for countries. States and strategic institutions explain their strategies one by one. We follow each of them. Not only about education, but also about their general strategies. We are also a foundation. We have a significant experience in this matter. We have examined the strategies of nearly 50 countries. The Ministry of National Education will be the third Ministry in the world to make artificial intelligence a strategy under the title of education and learning, except for China and Australia. We know that there are some ministries in other countries as well. “The Artificial Intelligence Strategy is in preparation. We will also be complementary and elaborative in the field of education. It has the feature of being the first corporate strategy in both the public and private and non-governmental sectors.”


Consider how much it affects our lives even now. Our country needs to invest in these points as soon as possible, both in terms of academic and R&D studies.

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