Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Beta Date Announced

The Iceborne beta will be playable from 13:00 on Friday, June 21 to 13:00 on June 24. The second beta is for all PS4 users; It will be playable between 13:00 on Friday, 28 June, and 13:00 on 1 July. Preload options will be active a few days before the beta period. Moreover, The Monster Hunter: World base game is not required to participate in the Iceborne beta.

The beta offers 3 options to hunt Great Jagras from Monster Hunter: World for beginners, the brand new horned rough dragon Banbaro for an intermediate challenge, or the returning series favorite Tigrex for the toughest hunters.

The beta will allow players to try out 14 weapon types that they can test in any of the 3 options and the training zone. Weapons will have new features, as well as new Slinger equipment options, such as the Clutch Claw hook mechanic. Hunters who complete each mission the first time will be able to win three packs in total, containing auxiliary materials that can be used in the full version of the Iceborne add-on at launch.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will be available for PS4 and Xbox devices on September 6, 2019, and the PC version will hit the shelves the following winter. The Monster Hunter: World base game will be required to play Iceborne content.

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