Most Downloaded Apps in the First Quarter of 2019

According to data from Sensor Tower’s Store Intelligence platform, application download data for the first quarter of 2019 has been announced. Not surprisingly, WhatsApp tops the list with 223 million new downloads. You can review the order of the most downloaded applications below.

Apps with the most downloads on both platforms:

top apps ww overall q1 2019

The top 10 applications are repeating the same as the last quarter of last year, and the top 5 did not change their order. Video editing application Biugo and photo editing application PicsArt managed to enter the top 20 this quarter.

Apps with the most downloads in the AppStore:

top apps ww app store q1 2019

On the AppStore, TikTok was the most downloaded app in the first quarter. YouTube is in the 2nd place. Twitter ranks 16th with 11.7 million downloads, the highest number that Twitter has achieved since 2015.

Apps with the most downloads on Google Play:

top apps ww google play q1 2019

In Google Play, WhatsApp retained its throne with nearly 199 million downloads. While four Facebook applications were in the top 5, three of them (WhatsApp, Messenger and Facebook) exceeded 150 million downloads. YouTube Kids and YouTube Music entered the top 20, while TikTok took the 3rd place again.

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