Mozilla Firefox Launches Its New Feature

One of the things that bother users the most while surfing the web is the advertisements that appear on the last product they looked at or anything else. User privacyWhile the giant technology companies, which have great problems in Mozilla FirefoxIn this regard, it has updated its browser with a feature that will please the users immensely.

Facebook Many companies, most notably, use special URL query parameters to track links on clicks. The reason for this is explained as providing a more personalized advertising experience to users on the internet. Regarding this situation, which bothers many users, Firefox has introduced a feature that will make people smile. Query Parameter StrippingWith this feature called Firefox, companies will no longer be able to see which links you click and where you browse while browsing Firefox.

How do we enable Query Parameter Stripping?

This new feature of Firefox As part of ‘Advanced Tracking Protection’ made available. You can enable this feature by following these steps.

  • Click on “Privacy and Security” in the Settings section.
  • Change the “Advanced Tracking Protection” option to Strict.

There is sad news from experts for users who want to use this feature in incognito tabs. According to experts, even if you enable this feature, the parameters, that is, where you click, can be seen when navigating from the incognito tab, but there is no clear information about the certainty of this.
in incognito modeTo enable this feature, simply follow these steps.

  • Type about:config in the address bar and search
  • Check the ‘privacy.query_stripping.enabled.pbmode’ option as True as in the photo below.

The app was launched yesterday and is available today. If you encounter any problems with the new feature, you can restore your settings to “Standard”.


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