Mozilla Firefox’s Firefox 67 Version Now Available for Download

Internet browsers are updated periodically. Firefox 67, the latest version of Mozilla Firefox, is also a part of these updates. The new version is now available for download.

Although Mozilla has updated the download links, it is currently only available for manual download and installation. Currently, Mozilla’s module that automatically downloads in the browser has not started the updates.


In the new version, the advanced password manager, which is part of Firefox Nightly, which Mozilla has tested before, will be included in the system. In addition, improvements were made to reduce the memory usage of Firefox. Firefox 67 comes with new privacy controls. Thanks to these controls, add-ons are disabled in private searches. This is because Mozilla wants to prevent users from being tracked in private searches. Plugins can save some information even in private searches. Users can decide whether add-ons are active in private searches or not.

Firefox 67 is the first major update to come after the update a few weeks ago. The previous update was released after a bug that disabled all add-ons and prevented new ones from being added due to an expired certificate, delaying the launch of Firefox 67 by up to a week.


The current Firefox version cannot be downloaded automatically yet, but Firefox browsers are expected to start updating themselves soon.

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