MrBeast Gives Up YouTube Record For PewDiePie

21-year-old American YouTuber MrBeast currently holds the record for the most liked video on YouTube. Of course, it is also worth mentioning that MrBeast’s video is the ‘most liked video’ when it is considered as a video other than music videos.

In mid-January, PewDiePie’s remake of YouTube Rewind 2018 broke the record for being the most liked video on the platform. However, MrBeast managed to beat this record by publishing a video titled ‘Make This Video The Most Liked Video on YouTube’.

“Reverse your likes on my video and it will have the title of most liked video on PewDiePie again. IN THE VIDEO I ESPECIALLY STATED THAT I WANTED TO BE THE 2nd MOST LIKED.”

This isn’t the first time MrBeast has made a sacrifice for PewDiePie. During the Super Bowl in February, at the height of PewDiePie’s battle with the T-Series, MrBeast and his friends appeared in ‘Sub2PewDiePie’ (subscribe to PewDiePie) t-shirts. Back in October, MrBeast put PewDiePie’s face in by buying all the billboards in his city. Despite all this, unfortunately, the desired success could not be achieved.

Almost 3 million followers behind Swedish YouTuber T-Series. Still, PewDiePie continues to hold the title of ‘the most followed individual creator’ with 96 million followers.

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