MSI Announces H610 Motherboard with ATX12VO Connection

MSI looks set to launch its first H610 chipset motherboard supporting the ATX12VO standard. The MSI Pro H610M 12VO, along with Alder Lake processors, was revealed in an MSI Insider post in January. The company has now released a product page that lets us take a look at all the features.

MSI talks about “low power consumption for users” when marketing its new motherboard on its product page. However, it was emphasized that “cable clutter” was minimized. We also have some bad news. The ATX12VO standard will likely be slightly more expensive than other H610 models due to the need for additional DC-DC converters onboard.

MSI ATX12VO Baglantili H610 Anakartini Duyurdu2

The ATX12VO connector is more compact than the ATX standard, while freeing up more space on the PCB. The ATX12VO standard is also expected to provide greater power efficiency by converting the 2V voltage on the motherboard to 5V and 3.3V. In this context, it is emphasized that power consumption is minimized, especially during idle times.

MSI ATX12VO Baglantili H610 Anakartini Duyurdu3

Returning to the other specifications of the chipset, users will have access to dual DDR5-4800 memory slots that support up to 64GB. One PCI-e x16 and one PCI-E x1 slot stand out for expansion. Up to four SATA III drives can be installed and there is only one PCIe 3.0 x4 M.2 slot. In addition, let’s mention that you can find all the details about Intel’s ATX V3.0 (ATX12VO) standard in this article.

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