MSN Messenger 2019 Edition Concept Video

Before Facebook was launched for people to find their college friends; While WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and its derivative applications were not even at the idea stage, MSN Messenger, which can be considered the ancestor of all messaging applications today, was experiencing its loneliness at its peak. The phenomenon messaging application, which caused a generation to wake up at the computer for years, was abandoned in 2013 with the acquisition of Skype by Microsoft.


The first version of MSN Messenger continued to be developed from 1999 to 2005 with different versions. In 2006, it became a part of Microsoft’s Windows Live online services and continued under the name Windows Live Messenger. For the generation that has spent years dealing with MSN, it would be exciting to see an updated MSN Messenger app.

A concept developer named Kamer Kaan Avdan must have thought so that he published a video on YouTube called MSN Messenger 2019 Edition. In the video, it is seen that the application is designed as a mobile application running on the iPhone XS. In the concept application, you can see past chats and which friends are online. A bar at the bottom provides easy access to contacts, calls, camera and settings.

In addition, the feature of appearing offline and what am I listening to through applications such as Spotify and Apple Music has not been forgotten.

In addition to all this, a pop-up notification can be received when friends are online. Games can be played and vibrations can be sent. (Vibration was indispensable when it came to MSN, of course. And of course, it’s worth mentioning that it’s the most annoying but fun feature. At least it was for those dates.)

Avdan opens the video saying “MSN Messenger you missed is back”. So if Microsoft decided to actually bring back MSN Messenger, would you use it?

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