NASA Launches Promotional Campaign for Mars 2020 Mission

NASA continues its work for the 2020 Mars mission without slowing down. NASA, which did not fail to promote the Mars mission in addition to scientific studies, created a new promotional campaign. Anyone can participate in this new promotional campaign and has a digital ‘boarding pass’ produced by NASA. Anyone can participate in this campaign until 30 September 2019.


People who will be sent to the planet with NASA’s Mars project, which will come to life in 2020, will conduct research on Mars and look for signs of life on this planet. NASA, which wants all people to be involved in this historical event, which will be the first time that humanity will go to another planet, has organized such a campaign.

In this promotional campaign, NASA wants some information from you. This information is simple information such as name, surname, zip code and e-mail address. Right after, it creates a specially coded boarding pass for you. This boarding pass is designed in a similar way to airplanes. Wanting to add humor to the event, NASA gives special ‘points’ to passengers who create boarding passes. These points are designed just like the miles that airline companies give per flight. However, since the distance traveled is very far, it is significantly higher than the points earned in daily life.

If you would like to participate in this promotional campaign, you can access the relevant website here.

  • Note: We remind you that this campaign is for promotional purposes only, the boarding pass and points given to you are not valid.

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