NASA Plans to Send a ‘Tiny’ Satellite to Space

The story we are going to tell you now is the story of a small satellite trying to do big things. Jokes aside, NASA is really planning to send a satellite, which is very small in size compared to other satellites, into space. This satellite is smaller than a microwave oven.

NASA’s satellite, called CAPSTONE, is set to launch on Monday and then use it on a pathfinding mission for the Artemis program, which aims to get humans back to the Moon by the end of the next decade.

Small satellite’s goal is to get humans to the Moon once again

The CAPSTONE satellite will be launched into space alongside Rocket Lab’s Electron rocket, which will take off from Launch Complex 1 in New Zealand. The CAPSTONE presentation is scheduled to take place on June 27 at 10 am Turkey time. You can watch the presentation on NASA’s official live broadcast.

CAPSTONE will be one of NASA’s eyes in the Solar System and will be made available through interactive real-time 3D data visualization.

Six days after launching from Earth, the Electron rocket will release the CAPSTONE satellite to make its journey to the Moon. The tiny 25-pound satellite will then travel alone for the remainder of its four-month journey. Once CAPSTONE arrives on the Moon, it will test the orbital dynamics of its orbit for about six months.

The satellite will also be used to test spacecraft-to-spacecraft navigation technology and one-way range capabilities that could reduce future spacecraft’s need to communicate with mission controllers on Earth and wait for signals to be transmitted from other spacecraft.

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