NASA’s Traffic Network for Drones Succeeded

Drones are now used in many areas. Drones, which are sometimes used for viewing an event and sometimes for transportation, can even deliver organs that need to be transplanted on time, thanks to their superior features. Continuing its efforts to create a traffic network suitable for drones, NASA has achieved its purpose as a result of 4 years of work. In the final test of the project, which was held in the past days, many drones took off at the same time and managed to reach the targeted points in harmony with people, vehicles and other drones.

In the tests carried out in the city of Reno, in the US state of Nevada, the drones that took off one after another both reached their target points and were able to adapt to the usual flow of life in this process. David Korsmeyer, the number one name of the project, who made statements on the subject, defined this test as an event and stated that such an event was held for the first time. Saying that when they started the project 4 years ago, they could not even imagine that they would come to this point, Korsmeyer stated that these drones will often be seen in the sky, between high buildings in the future.


In the tests, some drones were able to take off from the roof of a building and land on the roof of another targeted building. The drones with superior features, which also evaluated the weather data during the landing, performed successful landings against the wind. In addition, the drones, which were connected to the GPS systems in NASA centers, were able to determine their direction and did not collide with each other.

It has been previously discussed that companies such as Amazon and FedEx are considering drone transportation. Perhaps the most important of the conditions that must be met in order for this process to begin, was solved with this project of NASA. Although the Federal Aviation Board does not favor drones at the moment, it would not be wrong to say that drones are now a part of our lives.

As for why the Federal Aviation Board does not favor drones, the authorities think that many curious people will try to make their own drones, and the large number of drones that emerge may cause chaos. In the statements made by the authorities, it was stated that while the drone industry was transferred to people, it should be done safely.

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