Netflix and Tesla Will Provide Abortion Support to Employees

The Supreme Court, which is the highest layer of the judicial system in the USA, caused the country to be divided into two with a decision it made today. Court in the United States abortion should be bannedmade the decision.

While this decision of the Supreme Court divides the citizens into two, the citizens who support abortion are called ‘technology and entertainment companies’. abortion support ‘ came. So what is this abortion support?

States begin to ban abortion


Following the decision of the US Supreme Court, many states have repeatedly decided to ban abortion within their state borders. While some citizens consider it as the deprivation of the right to life of an unborn individual, some citizens are entitled to a ban as a result of rape and incest. forced pregnantHe opposed the ban, seeing it as a deprivation of women’s rights.

While the US media is reporting that a new state is enacting this decision every minute, citizens have already started to discuss this law on social media.

Support came from technology companies


Following the entry into force of this decision, Netflix and Tesla, in particular, Starbucks, Warner Bros., sony, Amazon, JPMorgan, reddit, Airbnb, Levi’s and many companies such as Hollywood Studios announced that they will provide abortion support to their employees. Employees who have an abortion within the scope of this support or who are disturbed by this law if abortion is bannedairfare and some other expenses for moving employees to an ‘abortion-free’ state announced that they would receive.

While many citizens stated that the law that came into force disregards women’s rights, this sensitive move of the companies thinks it is a behavior that should be exemplified . Do you think abortion should really be banned?

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