Netflix’s New Movie: Rim of the World Released

Screenwriter, producer, and director Drew Pearce stated that Hollywood does nothing more than make hollow films with huge budgets, basically nothing but blockbuster hits, and doesn’t place enough value on small-scale art films. As a result, small filmmakers are forced to turn to online film platforms. Netflix is ​​also the largest of these platforms.

Zack Stentz is one of the writers included in Netflix. “Rim of the World” is a production that director Stentz started developing three years ago. The film tells the story of four young people who have to go through a tough fight to save the world at the summer camp they go to for fun. The film, which also contains science fiction and adventure elements, is quite intriguing.


Stentz mentioned that while making Rim of the World, he was influenced by TV series such as “Stranger Things”, which have been watched a lot lately. Netflix gave the movie a production schedule of 40 days and a good budget.

Netflix is ​​now well ahead of its rivals such as Apple and Disney with 139 million registered subscribers. But Netflix intends to make things bigger. The company’s future plans include making movies that Hollywood hasn’t made or can’t. This plan seems to be working well so far.

You can watch the trailer of the movie below:

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