New Apple Airpods headphones Review

Airpods, Apple’s first generation wireless headphones, announced in December 2016, was updated in March 2019 and got the second version. Although this version includes some innovations, when you look from the outside, it looks exactly the same as the old one. However, Apple’s naming of the new model may cause some confusion.

The name of the new version is not Airpods 2, but Airpods only has a “New” phrase next to it. For this reason, if you are going to buy from outside the Apple store, it is useful to confirm that you have the latest Airpods model.

airpods2 inceleme technopat 8Let’s go to our review, we will look at what has changed in our review and what has remained the same.

First of all, the biggest difference is that Apple has used these headphones. W1your chip H1 We can say that it has been replaced with a version. This chip makes the biggest improvement in battery life, but it doesn’t end there. We will talk about it in detail in the next few minutes.

Another striking change is that these headphones are sold with the option of a wireless charging box. Of course, for those who do not have a wireless charging stand, there is an option to buy it with a wireless charging box. Let’s just say, if you want to change your mind and update it in the future, the box with wireless charging is sold separately.airpods2 inceleme technopat 5

However, there is a small detail here. Apple doesn’t have a wireless charging stand in its ecosystem. Recently, Apple announced that it is canceling the AirPower wireless charger it was developing. Their justification was that the prototype they produced did not meet the high Apple standards. This forces Airpods users to use 3rd party wireless chargers.airpods2 inceleme technopat 3

As users, we are lucky that the latest flagships like the Samsung S10 and Huawei P30 Pro support wireless reverse charging. In this way, when you go on long trips and vacations, you only need to take your mobile phone that supports reverse wireless charging with you.

You can buy Airpods in Apple Turkey for 1400 liras with a wireless charging case and for 1100 liras with a wireless charging case. Only the wireless charging box is sold for 550 liras.

The look and design of the headphones

airpods2 inceleme technopat 15 In terms of design, Apple’s wired headphones are very similar to Earpods. Only the body part that comes out of your ear is kept a little thicker. Again, as in Earpods, there are multiple holes around the headset. The microphone is positioned at the bottom of the earpiece, because this is the point closest to the mouth.

wireless charging box

airpods2 inceleme technopat 1airpods2 inceleme technopat 18 Wireless and wired charging boxes come with the simple and minimalist design we expect from Apple. Compared to the boxes of Samsung Gear IconX and Galaxy Buds, these boxes are quite small and portable. Perfect for you to carry it without protruding and disturbing in your trouser pocket.


The headset has a touch control feature. You can edit these features under the Bluetooth menu on your iPhone. However, you cannot adjust the volume as we are used to seeing in Samsung’s wireless headphones. At this point, Apple relies on its voice assistant Siri. Now you can call the assistant just by saying “Hey Siri” and give the command you want. This includes turning the volume up and down.


I had the opportunity to use the headset for about a week before doing this review. I listened to music with Airpods, especially during a 10-hour intercity bus trip. The earplugs really don’t cause any pain even after hours. There is a comfort that cannot be compared with IconX. Even when the music is not playing, you may sometimes have to check to see if it is in your ear.

airpods2 inceleme technopat 16 Although the design is very good in this respect, the hard plastic makes the earphones feel like they don’t fit well in your ears and affects the sound quality a little bit. For example, when you angle the headphones correctly and press a little, you start to hear the basses more saturated. Everyone’s ear structure is different. It would be a dream to expect one-size-fits-all headphones to fit perfectly in everyone’s ears. Different sizes, replaceable silicone ear tips could solve the problem of both sound fit and sound quality.


Airpods 2 can pair with both Android and Apple devices in seconds. If you open the box next to an iPhone, the notification of the box and AirPods instantly pops up on the screen and the connection is established. From this point on, you can view the battery status of both Airpods and the charging case on your iPhone. To view the battery status easily, simply activate Batteries from the iPhone’s Add Toolkit menu.

Compatibility with Apple devicesairpods2 inceleme technopat 17

When you pair Airpods with your Apple device, you can automatically use them with your other Apple devices that use the same iCloud Keychain. On Apple Watch, Macbook, iPhone, Mac and iPad products using the same iCloud account, all you have to do is select AirPods over AirPlay. Connection is provided in seconds and you do not have to pair separately for each device.

Thanks to Siri activation, you can now perform many different operations by simply saying Hey Siri. You can send a message by saying the person’s name, and you can make a call with the person’s name. You can increase the volume without going into the settings of your phone and learn how to go to a defined address. You can also customize your double tap commands by assigning different commands for both the left and right Airpods.

sound quality

The biggest factor affecting the sound quality of Airpods 2 and reducing the experience you will receive is the “one earphone for all ears” design logic. If you have a non-standard ear structure, the experience you will get is not 100% of what Apple engineers aim for. For example, I experienced exactly this. Bass was a little less. Apart from that, the overall frequency spectrum is well expressed and the earphones do not color the sound much.

High frequencies, namely trebles, are not subject to the slightest distortion even at the final volume. The sound level can be very high when desired.

Noise isolation

This issue is somewhat controversial because both camps have their advocates. Although some users find it dangerous that the headphones do not completely cut off the external sound and isolate you from your environment, some users argue that preventing external noise under safe conditions will increase comfort.

Samsung’s Icon X and Galaxy Buds headphones have left the choice to the user in this regard. Normally, the headphones are pretty good at cutting out outside noise. However, you can activate an ambient mode that allows you to hear the sound received from the microphones on the headphones so that you can recognize potential dangers while running and exercising outside.

With Airpods, you don’t have a choice. Headphones are very poor at cutting out outside noise, and in noisy environments this can be annoying and affect your enjoyment of your music.

Sometimes, even if I’m not going to listen to music on the bus, plane or public transport, I wear headphones to get rid of people’s annoying loud conversations and noises. Unfortunately, Airpods is not a headset that can be used for this purpose.

In addition, he is very successful in announcing what you are listening to to those around you. For this reason, it is necessary to act responsibly and not turn the volume all the way up when using it in quiet environments such as libraries.

Bluetooth Connection strength and quality

I’ve used the Samsung IconX 2018 for quite some time, and what I’ve noticed with these earphones is how often disconnection occurs. A scenario I encountered frequently was when I was traveling by public transport, when the bus was very crowded, or when I passed low-lying cell towers.

I used Airpods for 1 week on my commute and while passing by the same base station and I did not encounter any signal dropouts. In this respect, the headset really deserves praise.

Undoubtedly, the fact that the headset uses the Bluetooth 5.0 standard has a large share behind this.

microphone quality

The earphones also do pretty well at suppressing ambient noise and making your voice audible in conversations. Achilles tendon of this type of bluetooth headphones has generally taken the environment sounds along with your voice due to their distance from the mouth.

airpods2 inceleme technopat 12If Airpods beamforming At this point, he successfully applies the technique known as In other words, while it accepts the frequencies of the human voice, it rejects the other sound frequencies. Only Istanbul residents know how noisy a metrobus station can be in the middle of the E5, one of the busiest roads in Istanbul, especially in the evening after work hours. In the interview tests we conducted here, the new Airpods were able to transmit my voice clearly. But of course I had to shout.

Audio delay in games

airpods2 inceleme technopat 19 Another problem we usually experience with Bluetooth headphones is a delay in game and movie sound. Being aware of this, Apple has reduced this delay to a level that is difficult to notice with the H1 chip used in the new Airpods. This is good news for mobile gamers.

Headphone and box charging time

The charging box charges your headphones 5 times, providing more than 24 hours of listening time. You can listen to music for up to 5 hours on a single charge and make calls for up to 3 hours. In the old version, the call time was limited to 2 hours.airpods2 inceleme technopat 9airpods2 inceleme technopat 10


The new Apple Airpods offer users who are willing to pay Premium on wireless earbuds, a quality of listening to music and calls that really deserve their price. Depending on your expectations from Bluetooth headphones, the attraction of Airpods also changes relatively, of course. If your living spaces are relatively quiet and you don’t mind a little noise, the new Airpods will delight you with their comfort, uninterrupted wireless performance and sound quality.

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