New Battlefield Game Will Have Story Mode

Battlefield 2042 It was a huge disappointment when it came out. Both the lack of a story mode and the errors in the game caused Battlefield 2042 to receive negative comments. While all eyes are on the new Battlefield game after these events, Electronic Arts has a project that will work on the next game of the series on its own site. Design Director published the ad. This job posting also revealed some clues about the next game in the series.

According to the job posting published on EA’s own website, the developer company states that the person it will hire will lead the design team and design vision of the next Battlefield game’s story mode. EA also provides information about the people who will apply for the job posting. at least 10 years of experienceHe also draws attention to the fact that he must be experienced in developing single-player games.

No official statement has been made about the next game in the series from EA and DICE yet. However, according to sources close to the company, DICE is expected to focus on the story mode this time and to come up with a very solid production for the players after Battlefield 2042. Of course, these are assumptions. Let’s see if EA can meet the expectations with the new Battlefield game. We will see together.

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