New favorite of advertisers: Mobile games

While there is a digital transformation frenzy in the business world, mobile transformation is gaining momentum in the advertising sector. The number of advertisers in the growing mobile game market is also increasing day by day. According to the Global Mobile Game Market 2021 research, 70,000 companies will advertise mobile games in 2023.

Mobile games, which entered our lives 25 years ago and become more widespread every day, stepped up in the pandemic. The global mobile game market research published on the subject announced that the industry, which reached 98 billion dollars in 2020, is expected to grow by 11% every year until 2030, to reach 272 billion. Chinese advertising intelligence technology company SocialPeta has published a study that sheds light on the outlook for the mobile game market in 2021, which has become a favorite of advertisers in recent years. The company’s Global Mobile Game Market 2021 research, which covers more than 70 countries about the games on the App Store and Google Play, includes detailed information on more than 80 advertising channels, more than 1 billion ads, downloads and revenue figures. According to the research, the number of companies advertising mobile games is expected to reach 70,000 within 2 years.

Most advertisers are from North America

According to the data obtained from the research, approximately 65 thousand different advertisers appeared in the mobile game market in 2021, while an average of 20 thousand active advertisers invested every month. In the report, which stated that the first half of the year was more active, it was announced that an average of 588 ads were published per advertiser in a 12-month period, while April was the month in which a single advertiser published the most ads. Looking at the regions, North America, which has the most advertisers, maintained its first place with an increase of 18.72% compared to the previous year, while the number of advertisers decreased in Europe and Oceania and South Asia, which followed it in terms of size.

86% of mobile game ads are video content

According to the results of SocialPeta’s Global Mobile Gaming Market 2021 research, while the number of advertisers in the market is increasing, the importance of creative advertising content is increasing. While it is stated that 86.01% of the ad content displayed in mobile games is composed of videos, it points out that by the end of 2021, video ads have reached 5.6 million, an increase of 73% compared to the previous year. The SocialPeta report, which draws attention to the fact that video ad content has become the mainstream of game advertising with the upgrade of mobile devices’ 5G networks and the development of mobile technologies, also shows that the average duration of ad content has increased by 87.9% compared to the previous year, reaching 32.5 days.

Ads increased by 200%

Based on the report, SocialPeta Vice President Constance Gao, who stated that the increasing competition in the mobile game market led to a noticeable change in the rates of both advertisers and ad content over time, said, “There was a 5% increase in the number of advertisers in the mobile game market in 2021. Although this may seem like a small percentage, it should be taken into account that it is an increase that comes on top of the 40% growth in 2020. On the other hand, the number of advertisements is increasing day by day. “Only in the first 3 quarters, there was a 200% increase compared to the previous year,” he said.

Mobile game ad costs rise 93% in the US

Constance Gao, who said that 3 main trends stand out in the global mobile game market, according to the data they obtained from more than 70 countries within the scope of the research, continued as follows: “Competition in the global market becomes more intense as the number of advertisements and CPM (cost per interaction) increase. Video ad content dominates the market. Third, the cost is rising. The average CTR of mobile games was 1.28%, down 29% year-on-year, while the average CPM on Facebook increased 34% in 2021. In the USA, the average CPM of mobile games exceeded $ 28, which corresponds to an increase of 93% compared to the average statistics of 2020. If you don’t know the costs for the area you will invest in, you cannot determine the advertising budget. This prevents ads from running smoothly and does more harm than good with inefficient customer acquisition.”

Android-iOS race in ads on mobile

Underlining that advertisers vary in terms of Android and iOS-based games, SocialPeta Vice President Constance Gao said, “While the rate of advertisers who prefer iOS-based games remains at 33.27%, Android games take two-thirds of the advertising pie. As the number of advertisers increases on Android, the average number of content per advertiser is getting closer and closer together. While the average number of ad content per advertiser is 548 on iOS, it only reaches 542 on Android. Daily games stand out as the game type with the most advertisers, and the variety in the games played is increasing. Looking at the number of downloads and revenues, Subway Suffers, Project Makeover and Roblox are in the top 3 games of the App Store, while the top three of Google Play include Gerena Free Fire, Subway Suffers and Ludo King.

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