New Feature From Instagram: All Videos Will Be Reels!

The world’s most popular visual content sharing platform Instagram started testing a new feature that will completely change the user experience. This feature, which was leaked for the first time on social media and later confirmed by Instagram, allows all videos on the platform to be to be realswill provide.

In the statements made by a Meta spokesperson, this feature is on the platform. to improve and simplify the video experience It is stated that this is a step that has been taken. However, there are still some unknown aspects about this feature. For example; scales of videos. As known; Reals videos are shared vertically. Users can share posts in the form of videos vertically or horizontally. Whether to change the scale automatically or not for now Unknown.

Users included in the testing program started seeing a notification


Users included in the test program for the new feature developed, they encounter notification . In this notification, it is stated that the videos will now be shared as Reels. However, users are warned. The video shared as Reals in this warning has been shared by other users. can be remixed is expressed. Here are a few things to note. Reels videos shared by users whose accounts are private will only be able to be seen and remixed by their followers. Users with public accounts will be able to turn off the remix feature.

Instagram says nothing about when its new feature will be available didn’t say . However, the fact that the feature has reached the testing stage reveals that the new era in Instagram may begin very soon.

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