New Features Will Coming to Older Models of OnePlus

After the OnePlus 7 series was put on sale, there were requests from users of OnePlus’ previous series that the software features of the new phones would come to the old models as well. OnePlus did not delay in responding to this situation and shared a news that would make users happy. According to the statement made on the company’s official forum, the newest non-hardware features will also be brought to previous models. Chinese manufacturer; OnePlus 5 has released the list of features coming to OnePlus 5T, OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T.


Accordingly, the features that will come to the old models are briefly as follows:

  • Fnatic Mode for best performance during gameplay
  • Zen Mode to disable phone for 20 minutes
  • Screen Recorder
  • Quick Reply even in side screen mode
  • DC Dimming to adjust screen brightness
  • RAM Boost to make the most of available RAM

No specific date has been given about when these features will come to the specified devices. In addition to all this, the Chinese manufacturer also stated that the OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T will receive the Android Q update, but there is no exact date for this either.


Detailed descriptions of the features listed above

Fnatic Mode: This mod makes improvements to keep the device at peak performance in online multiplayer games. It blocks all distractions, increases CPU speed and network speed, maximizing the gaming experience.

Zen Mode: Designed for those who are bored with excessive notifications and want to enjoy their daily life more, this mode blocks the distractions of the person by muting the phone for 20 minutes and offers a more enjoyable time with those around them. During this time, of course, it is possible to access the camera and emergency calls.

Screen Recorder:One of the best solutions for recording gameplay videos or tutorial videos, the screen recorder can also record high-quality audio in sync.

Quick answer on the side screen: When you’re concentrating on watching videos or playing games with the phone on its side, it can be frustrating to stop what you’re doing to reply to a message. With this feature, it is possible to respond to messages quickly without stopping your work.

DC Dimming: This mode is an alternative method to adjust the screen brightness. The feature, which gives good results in some cases, can sometimes cause abnormal colors to appear.

RAM Boost: With this mode, the device learns your phone usage and allows you to get full performance from RAM. RAM Boost can predict the apps you want to use and the data you want to install.

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