New Fortnite Update Fixes Some Interesting Bugs

Top Fortnite players take their chances at the World Cup, currently in week two of the qualifiers, while many regular players continue to play in standard Battle Royale, Creative Mode, and Save the World modes . However, the game’s new update fixes many bugs in the update released earlier this week.

The new patch not only fixes the uncontrolled movement of Blackheart’s beard, but also brings innovations to the game’s modes. According to the notes released by Epic Games, the entire update is as follows:


Battle Royale

The following bugs were fixed in this section:

  • It looked like players were incorrectly relegated to a lower division in the Arena. It was just a visual error; that is, the players were actually being dropped where they should be. This bug has been fixed.
  • Blackheart’s beard was growing uncontrollably in Deep Fried Food Fight Limited Time Mode (LTM) and took up the player’s screen. Blackheart went to the barber and everything was fine.
  • After playing a match in Air Royale Limited Time Mode, the bushes were not appearing in any game modes.
  • Name and ally indicators in Deep Fried Food Fight LTM were not appearing on the interface.
  • Extra buttons on mobile were not working properly when quickly toggling between selecting custom weapons and clicking create buttons.
  • Players were experiencing severe stuttering towards the end of games.

Creative Mode

  • Creative Mode-specific stability improvements have been made.


Save the World

  • Fixed an issue that would cause players to be constantly kicked out of matches.
  • Note: This update is currently for PC only. We’ll also be making fixes for console players in the coming weeks.

All mods

Fixed the following issues:

  • Throwable items were not dealing damage if it was the last item in the stack.
  • The countdown for the Item Shop was showing an incorrect time.
  • The game was using too much memory on the computer.

The game, which is currently available on almost all game platforms, including Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and mobile devices, is still played a lot, although its popularity has recently decreased compared to its predecessor. Epic Games is determined to keep the game playable with such updates.

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