New Game From the Producer of Dishonored: Deathloop

Dishonoredand Prey 2Throne in the hearts of the players with games such as Arkane Studios, his new game at the E3 2019 event deathloopappeared with.

For now, no official statement has been made about the release date of the new game, but according to the information conveyed by Arkane officials, we will see us in the new game. coltand JulianaTwo different assassins named greet him.

You can access all E3 2019 news from this link.

In the game that we started by choosing one of these assassins, we also DishonoredWe see that the gameplay mechanics we are familiar with from the series are also included.

Combining the action and stealth elements quite well in this section, Arkane Studios also emphasized that we can play the new game as we wish, according to the conditions we are in.

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