New Intel-Powered Laptops Will Last 9 Hours

Intel continues to work within the scope of ‘Project Athena’. The next generation laptops, which will re-direct the laptop market and increase competition against Apple’s MacBooks, were announced by Intel in January. A new detail about Intel’s project has emerged. This detail is of great interest to laptop users. According to the information revealed, the new generation laptops can be used for 9 hours without being connected to the charge.

In the statements made by Intel in January, it was stated that the biggest problem of laptop users is battery time. When we think about it, there is no reason why we should not justify these words. Although some laptop users try to take precautions according to themselves, as users, we cannot prevent the shortening of battery life over time. At this point, there are limited options that we can do as users. Sometimes we avoid processes that will tire the computer and directly affect battery life. However, it does not meet our demands


The success of Intel as a result of these efforts means a great innovation for the laptop industry. In the statements made, it is stated that not only will the systems be optimized with battery life, but also new power components will be used. In fact, Josh Newman, the leader of Intel’s Project Athena idea, is so confident about it; “We are working so that you can go out without your computer charger, we promise to get to this point.” says.

Intel’s work will initially include high-end laptops. In 2020 and especially in 2021, new generation laptops will meet with customers in a wider scope.

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