New MacBook Pro Arrives With OLED Display

According to the published report, the new Macbook Pro will have a 16-inch OLED screen. Before this report, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo announced that a 16-inch Macbook Pro was being developed, but did not share that this device will have an OLED display.

With the iPhone X, Apple switched to OLED displays on their iPhones. In the future, the company is expected to switch to 100% OLED display on its iPhones. Apple’s MacBooks also use OLED, but only in part of the Touch Bar section. If this report is correct, this could be Apple’s first laptop with an OLED display.


The report also says where Apple will procure the screens in question. Presumably the displays in question can be sourced from Samsung, one of the world’s largest suppliers of OLED displays.

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