New Trailer of Spooky Thriller Midsommar Released

A24 has released a new trailer for Ari Aster’s supernatural horror movie Midsommar (the sequel to the high-anticipation Hereditary), which tells the story of a young couple planning to go to a spooky Swedish festival with their friends when their relationship is going through a bad time.

When people think of Midsommar (Summer Feast), they usually think of sun, grass, warm weather and fun. However, the Midsommar movie may reflect the opposite of your expectations. There’s a lot of screaming, creepy cult dances, weird poisoned drinks, and creepy rituals in the movie.

Midsommar will meet its audience on the big screen on July 3rd. If you want to experience the tension to the fullest, we recommend you not to miss this movie.

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