New Xbox Coming With Optical Drive

Microsoftby E3 2019with the effectiveness new XboxThe first details about the arrival of the game console were shared. Project Scarlettproduct under development Xbox One S All-Digital Edition It was a question of whether it would be diskless as well. According to the company’s statement, contrary to expectations, new Xbox optical driveIt will exit with.

digital gameAlthough acquisitions are on the rise, physical mediafor optical driverIn this sense, the game console that will also present boxed gameIt will not upset millions of players who love to buy and save. Xbox Game Passand Project xCloudMicrosoft, which also has services digitalor physical gameable to respond to all requests.

2020 New Year’s EveOne of the first games of the Microsoft game console, which is planned to be sold in the period Halo Infinite Let’s also remind that. At the moment, there is no information about the price of the console.

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