NFT investment is coming to vegetables on the market!

Pazardan, which carries traditional market shopping to the online platform with a mobile application, is breaking new ground. The start-up, which started its operations at the beginning of this year and went on a seed investment tour with a valuation of 10 million TL, offered its NFT collection worth 500 thousand TL.

NFTs (non-fungible tokens), which are becoming increasingly common, are now the choice of start-up investors. NFTs, which are defined as digital certificates of crypto art works that can be easily downloaded from the internet and find buyers for millions of dollars, were recently brought to the agenda by Pazardan, which went on a seed investment tour with a valuation of 10 million TL. Stating that they lead the entrepreneurship ecosystem by creating an opportunity to raise investments through NFT, Pazardan CEO Burak Sıraç said, “We are positioning Pazardan as a technology company that digitizes market shopping. We want to bring a breath of fresh air to fruit and vegetable shopping by bringing 75,000 marketers in Turkey together with e-commerce.”

It will turn the creativity of the team into an advantage

Stating that they reached over 200 stalls in a short time in cities such as Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Bursa, Eskişehir and Gaziantep, Burak Sıraç continued his words as follows: over 70%. With the new investments we have received, we will appeal to wider audiences by accelerating our marketing activities while improving the product. We are also working to offer a model where markets, restaurants and companies can shop in bulk, and we want to turn the creativity of our team into an advantage and break new ground in the sector with methodologies that can be used by different initiatives.”

The first investment of 300 thousand TL was collected

Stating that start-up investment methodologies can also keep up with current developments in an ecosystem where economic development and models are differentiated, Pazardan CEO Burak Sıraç explains the NFT process with these words: “Our business model and the value proposition we put forward attract the attention of many investors. We continue the seed investment tour, which we started with a valuation of 10 million TL, by making our first investment. In this process, we broke new ground in the NFT ecosystem, which attracted great interest from the whole world. We created an NFT collection of 500 thousand TL (14.13 ETH), which includes 5 works symbolizing the objects in our local markets, under the name “Seeding Collection” from the market and published it on In the next period, we will receive our investments through NFT and different plans will come into effect within the scope of our NFT collections. In addition, there will be some advantages that we will provide to our investors participating in the seed investment round in the 2nd round. We are also planning more different NFT and blockchain projects in the coming days.”

More than 27% of online grocery shopping consists of vegetables and fruits

Stating that the market service volume in Turkey has increased day by day with the pandemic, Burak Sıraç said, “27.27% of the total online market shopping of 5.5 billion TL consists of vegetables and fruits. In order to have a share in this cake, we started to serve at the beginning of 2021 as a marketplace platform where users can shop online from neighborhood and organic market stalls. Consumers choose the markets that deliver to their addresses through the application and the stalls there and shop. On the day the market is established, it selects the time intervals for delivery and completes the shopping with online payment. In this way, traditional market shopping, which takes time and effort, turns into a contactless and online shopping experience. Users can download the application from the Marketplace from the Google Play Store and App Store. Despite our low ad spend, we’ve been recommended several times by the App Store as a ‘must have’ app! We will start sales on the website in November as well.”

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